NAWJ Monthly Update October 2016

Written by National Association of Women Judges|October 03, 2016|Monthly Update Archive

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October 2016

In This Issue:

National Association of Women Judges
The Honorable Lisa Walsh
NAWJ President

President's Message October 2016

Greetings from NAWJ.

In just a few short days, I hopefully will see all of you at the 38th Annual NAWJ Conference which will be held in Seattle. And in a few short days I will be handing our precious NAWJ over to the experienced and exceptional hands of our President-elect, Hon. Diana Becton. NAWJ is comprised of some of the most inspiring and accomplished women I have ever met and working with you all this year has been such a privilege.

This year, we sadly lost two of our heroes, Judge Norma Shapiro and Chief Judge Judith Kaye. Judge Judith Kaye was the first woman judge to serve on New York's highest court and the first woman to serve as Chief Justice of the State of New York. She was the recipient of the Joan Dempsey Klein award at our annual conference in Newark and most recently, was a member of our Resource Board. Judge Norma Shapiro received the prestigious NAWJ Excellence in Service Award. Judge Shapiro was a founding member of NAWJ, and was the first woman judge to sit in the Third Circuit for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Throughout her career as a judge, she received many awards, including the American Bar Association's Margaret Brent Award, the Federal Bar Association's Bill of Rights Award, and the Philadelphia Bar Association's Sandra Day O'Connor Award. Chief Judge Kaye and Judge Norma Shapiro will be dearly missed by all of NAWJ.

Before I detail some special highlights of the last year, I wish to thank my exceptional Executive Committee. All of NAWJ is so fortunate to have had the wise and effective leadership of this extraordinary group of women. Judge Diana Becton, Judge Julie Frantz, Judge Tamila Ipema, Judge Bev Cutler, Judge Tanya Kennedy, Judge Ariane Vuono, Judge Joy Lobrano, Judge Marcella Holland, Judge Lisette Shirdan-Harris and Judge Toni Clarke were my wise council, and I could not hope for a more collegial, helpful, hard-working, talented and supportive group of leaders and friends. Each month, these exceptional women conducted a conference call, prepared reports and fulfilled the functions of their office well. NAWJ is grateful, and I thank you for your service. I also am so grateful for the dedicated hard work of all of our District Directors, Committee and Project Chairs, and State Chairs, who are our boots on the ground for NAWJ. Most of what is detailed below showcases your efforts for NAWJ, and you should be so proud of how vital your work is to NAWJ and the betterment of our communities and justice system. Finally, I thank the NAWJ staff, who looked after the endless details of accounting, programming, funding, organizing, publishing, and communicating all that NAWJ does. Thanks to our Executive Director, Marie Komisar, Senior Program and Publications Manager, Lavinia Cousin, and our partners, Calibre, including Karen Roche, Yve Dinte, and Patty Lovett, IMN Solutions, and Barbara Hutchison. After years of excellent service, we bid a sad farewell to the amazing Mary-Kathleen Todd, who has moved on in her career, as well as to Sharon DeCastro from Calibre.

Last year, I promised to devote my year as President to the theme, "Securing the Future for Women and Girls." In that endeavor, NAWJ has accomplished much in the past year. Following are some highlights, but members are encouraged to read the full reports of your district directors, officers and directors which are contained on the NAWJ website under Seattle Conference "NAWJ Business Meetings" by clicking here. At our Annual Business Meeting, to be held in Seattle on October 10, you can hear from your officers and directors all of their work and accomplishments this year.

  • To secure a diverse future membership in bench and bar, in addition to our Color of Justice programs in Brooklyn, Miami, throughout Texas, San Diego, and Anchorage, Alaska, where children from remote tribes were flown in for a program with judges and lawyers, we held the Girls' Summit in Missouri, and look forward to the Faces of Justice program co-sponsored by the Michigan Bar Association. The Maryland Chapter participated in a three-week program for girls discussing the criminal justice system.
  • To secure a future for a strong rule of law at home and abroad, NAWJ hosted the 13th Biennial Conference of the IAWJ May 26-29, 2016. This groundbreaking and historical conference was led by co-chairs Hon. Jane Spencer Craney and Hon. Carolyn Engel Temin, who worked for over three years to ensure the conference's success. Working under the theme, "Women and the Rule of Law - Assessing the Past, Anticipating the Future," we welcomed over 900 women judges and lawyers from 81 countries and regions, including over 180 NAWJ members to Washington, DC, where we enjoyed collaborating with one another in educational sessions, conversations with our brightest and most accomplished speakers, and social events, where we developed relationships with our counterparts around the world. We were so proud and honored to feature our Supreme Court Justices Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Hon. Sonia Sotomayor who served as hosts and speakers on behalf of the conference.
  • To stop the gender gap in our profession and ensure future success for women lawyers, NAWJ has drafted a resolution with the assistance of NAWJ Member Bobbi Liebenberg, Past-President of NAWJ and Chair of DirectWomen, and American Association for Justice President Julie Braman Kane, that encourages trial judges to take gender and minority diversity into account when making appointments of lawyers to positions such as lead counsel in complex cases, receivers, trustees, monitors, and guardians. NAWJ's drafted resolution has been adopted by the following organizations: The American Association for Justice, the Defense Research Institute, the Conference of Chief Justices and Conference of State Court Administrators, the Hispanic National Bar Association, The Federation of Defense Corporate Counsel, and the Academy of Defense Trial Advocates. The American Civil Roundtable has voted to submit the resolution to all its member organizations and if unanimously approved, will adopt it as well. The ABA Judicial Division, led by Chair Judge Linda Murnane, together with Chair-Elect Judge Ann Breen-Greco, is drafting a companion report and resolution with the intent to submit it to the House of Delegates in the coming year. The NAWJ resolution will be presented for full vote by the membership on October 8.

    Additionally, I worked with the Florida Association for Women Lawyers in Miami to pilot a GOOD Guys program on September 29th. We hosted 43 male managing partners and firm leaders from 43 law firms and held a program to encourage them to commit to support, mentor and include women in their quest for success and promotion in the law. The GOOD Guys program (GOOD stands for Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity) was created by the National Conference of Women's Bar Associations, and we included video materials from the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession. It is hoped that NAWJ may continue to work with local women's bar associations to help the women and minority lawyers achieve equal success in the practice of law.
  • To ensure future NAWJ relevant programming and education, we have labored on three current and future conferences. In addition to the IAWJ Biennial, our Seattle Conference, led by Chair Justice Susan Owens, stands to be one of our most innovative, progressive educational programs, exploring topics including Challenges of Aging: Proactive or Reactive Response; Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Water Law Interests, Implicit Bias, and Community Supervision of Female Offenders. Our 2017 Conference to be held in Atlanta, led by Co-Chairs Judge Sara Doyle and Justice Carol Hunstein and our 2018 Conference in San Antonio, led by Chair Justice Rebeca Martinez, are well underway with dynamic, experienced, talented leaders heard at work. Our Academic Advisory Committee will work with conference leaders to ensure that our programs and speakers always take the NAWJ mission farther, that we remain cutting-edge and lead the country on judicial thought. I had the honor of visiting both the Atlanta and San Antonio venues and meeting with and discussing planning with our exceptional chairs.

    With the assistance of Lavinia Cousin, our Vice-President for Publications, Bev Cutler has published two Counterbalance magazines, which feature articles by our members on the latest hot topic issues as well as reports of all the programming going on around the country.
  • To secure the future for fair and free courts, NAWJ is so fortunate to have the leadership of four exceptional members: Co-Chairs of the Judicial Independence Committee, Justice Barbara Pariente and Justice Robin Hudson and Co-Chairs of the Informed Voters Project, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye and Attorney Linda Leali. The IVP has produced its new website this year, revamping its materials available to us to use to educate voters on the importance of impartial courts. In January, NAWJ was awarded the Burnham "Hod" Greeley Award by the Judicial Division of the ABA, with special note to the Informed Voters Project. In February, the IVP hosted a symposium at FSU University including Justice Pariente and Justice Debra Stephens, and will hold an event for fair courts on October 25, 2016 entitled "Happy Hour for the Balance of Power" in Miami.
  • To ensure successful reentry and equitable treatment for our women in prison population, Maryland held the Women Moving Forward conference to explore the impact of trauma upon women who later become incarcerated. Our Maryland Chapter spent weekends dedicated to programming for young offenders and collaborating with the Maryland liaison to improve prospects for female offenders. Also, Maryland adopted a policy forbidding contact during family visits, and NAWJ members moved swiftly to speak to policy heads at the highest levels to understand the issue and correct it.

    New York spent countless hours programming both for State of New York inmates and visiting and reporting on the plight of the women in detention at the Metropolitan Detention Center, who have been held pending renovation of the Danbury prison. Success Inside and Out conferences were held in Eagle River, Alaska, Seattle, Washington and Las Colinas, California. Delaware Chapter participated in the "Sisters in Success" Conference at Baylor Correctional Institute.

    Our Women in Prison Committee had a fruitful year, tenaciously reporting on conditions at the Brooklyn MDC, communicating with BOP leaders, and working with our academic advisors, including Professor Judith Resnik, to ensure that the renovated facility in Danbury, when opened, will adequately address the physical, psychological, training, and medical needs of its women inmates. NAWJ provided BOP a list of the five top priorities for BOP. This month, NAWJ WIPP leaders meet with top leaders at BOP to address its concerns.
  • To secure NAWJ's future, we created the Sustainability Committee and appointed Past-President Amy Nechtem its Chair. The goal is to analyze and work on ensuring NAWJ's sustainable financial future. Tied to NAWJ's sustainability is its membership. Judge Tamila Ipema and Judge Marilyn Paja, Membership Committee Co-Chairs, have created a comprehensive plan with our district directors to boost members. To attract amicus membership, NAWJ member Bobbi Liebenberg sent out my message encouraging women lawyers to join NAWJ. We welcome a number of new Amicus Members who will be attending our Seattle Conference.

    NAWJ worked for the last three years to update our Website with the assistance of the Website Committee, comprised of Judge Sheri Roman, Judge Karen Donohue and Resource Member Cathy Winter. Judge Donohue worked this year as Project Manager and was able to launch our website with the hard work of NAWJ staff and our vendor Efelle. A new website is a work in progress and members are encouraged to send Lavinia news updates, errors or omissions so we may continue to produce excellent content online.

    Our executive director and staff have worked hard during what was a year of heavy planning and programming. Our IAWJ conference was unprecedented in size and scope and the many moving parts of planning that and our other conferences, in addition to the many programs and projects of NAWJ were a lot to handle. We are grateful for the long days and efforts of Marie Komisar, and her staff and partners to ensure our success.
  • To ensure diversity on the bench, New York presented programming on how to become a judge. Miami piloted "Diversity on the Bench" with NAWJ Treasurer Judge Tanya Kennedy and local judges and lawyers. In an amazing turn of events, the next three leaders of the American Bar Association Judicial Division will all be NAWJ members. The Judicial Division swore in its new chair, NAWJ member and chair of the Military Courts Committee, Judge Linda Murnane. Future chairs will be NAWJ members Judge Ann Breen-Greco and Judge Toni Clarke, our NAWJ ABA Delegate. Three diverse women judges - who also represent the best of our state court, military and administrative judiciary - leading the ABA Division, the voice for American Judges, certainly is a step toward encouraging diversity on the bench, not to mention an exhibition of the exceptional leadership qualities of NAWJ's members.
  • To address the issue of sexual assault affecting women in the military and on college campuses, in addition to presenting a program at our Seattle Conference, we chose this topic to discuss at our 11th Annual Meeting with the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues. Our meeting featured panelists Senator Claire McCaskill, Robert Taylor, Professor Suzanne Goldberg, Laura Dunn and Judge Caroline Engel Temin. NAWJ has worked this year to develop our relationship with the VAWA office, and have held several phone conferences with present and future leaders to ensure that NAWJ's uniquely experienced judges are relied upon as a resource by the VAWA office. We would not have obtained such a stellar panel and program but for the assistance and support of our academic advisory committee, including Professor Vicky Jackson, Professor Judith Resnik and Professor Suzanne Goldman, who educated me on the topic and helped obtained speakers.
  • To disrupt the flow of women into sex trafficking, at our Annual Conference in Seattle, the HT committee will present "Ethical Issues for Judges in Dealing with Human Trafficking." This training session will focus on ethical dilemmas that a judge might face when presiding over a criminal or civil human trafficking case. NAWJ has continued to work together with the State Justice Institute to ensure that our judges are well trained to address the many issues that arise in the context of sex and labor trafficking.
Without a doubt, these are only highlights, and do not begin to encompass the numerous panels, programs, meetings, writings, and multi-faceted efforts of NAWJ's members to fulfill the mission of NAWJ. Every member of NAWJ should be so proud of this extraordinary organization and the stunning array of its accomplishments. It has been a true honor to serve you this year and I hope to see you all in Seattle so that I can thank you in person.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Walsh
President, NAWJ
11th Judicial Circuit, Miami-Dade, Florida

September 29, 2016 - GOOD Guys Program Miami

October 5-9, 2016 - 38th Annual NAWJ Conference, Seattle

Faces of Justice
NAWJ 38th Annual Conference
October 5-9, 2016
The Sheraton Seattle Hotel • 1400 6th Ave. • Seattle, WA

Visit our webpage for more information. Click here.

$695 for NAWJ Members:
$695 for Non-Member Attendees
$575 for Spouse and Children of Attendees:

Register onsite at the NAWJ Conference Registration Desk in the Seattle Sheraton Hotel.

Signup with Barbara Hutchinson at


8:20AM - 3:00PM
Ferry to Suquamish Tribal Museum, Tribal Court and Beach Glass Café lunch at Tribal Casino
Travel by Washington State Ferry across Puget Sound to beautiful gift shop and exquisite museum reflecting tribal history and culture; Court and jurisdictional discussion with NAWJ member Chief Suquamish Judge Cindy Smith.  Prepayment of $35 required includes ferry, shuttle bus, & museum admission (lunch separate at Tribal Clearwater Casino overlooking Puget Sound, approx. $15). and

Consignment & Boutique Shopping - sign up deadline is September 15, 2016
Includes lunch aboard limo bus and stops at boutiques and upscale consignment shops who have included special offerings. Sign up here!

Tour of Seattle Municipal Court
Art, architecture, probation and social services, and the latest technology and security design. Tour will include appetizers and refreshments. Prepayment o $10 required.


All tours on Saturday will depart and return during the afternoon free time (approximately 12:15-3:30PM), allowing enough time to get ready for the Gala.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitors Center located in the Seattle Center. NAWJ has booked a tour for a small group.

Chihuly Garden and Glass. Visit the museum in the Seattle Center dedicated to the art and glass of Dale Chihuly.

Winery tour. Wind down with a few hours at some great Washington wineries near Seattle. Shuttle/bus and guides provided by Butler Tours. A direct link for registration and payment will be available shortly.

The host hotel is the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Call (888) 627-7057 • NAWJ Rate: $229/night,
plus applicable taxes, single or double occupancy.

For More Information Contact:
Meeting Planner: Barbara Hutchison at

NAWJ Announces 2016-2017
Board of Directors Nomination Slate

The nominated slate is an ensemble of seasoned, experienced and dedicated NAWJ members from diverse regions and backgrounds. It will be another great year of board leadership!

In accordance with the NAWJ Bylaws, the Nominating Committee presents the following:

Hon. Diana Becton, Superior Court of California, Contra Costa County
(automatically assumes office)

Hon. Tanya R. Kennedy
New York State Supreme Court, New York County

Vice President, Districts
Hon. Marilyn G. Paja
Kitsap County District Court, Washington

Vice President, Publications
Hon. Jane Spencer Craney
Morgan Superior Court 3, Indiana

Hon. Tamila Ipema
Superior Court of California, San Diego County

Hon. Kathy J. King
Supreme Court, Kings County, New York

Judge Julie E. Frantz, Multnomah County Circuit, Chair
Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby, District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Judge Bernice Donald, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Justice Nan Duffly, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Senior Justice Dana Fabe, Alaska Supreme Court
Judge Jennifer Gee, U.S. Department of Labor
Judge Marcella Holland, Circuit Court for Baltimore City (Retired)
Judge Gladys Kessler, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia
Judge Brenda Loftin, St. Louis County Circuit Court (Retired)
Justice Judith McConnell, California Court of Appeal
Chief Justice Amy Nechtem, Massachusetts Juvenile Court
Judge Vanessa Ruiz, District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Justice Bea Ann Smith, Texas Court of Appeals (Retired)

Proposed NAWJ Bylaws Amendments

At this year's annual business meeting on October 8, 2016 during the annual conference, the Bylaws Committee will offer the following amendments found below. (You may view the changes as they appear in the current bylaws here.)


Section 6.

Insert as the first paragraph under this section (6):

It is the responsibility of each District Director upon assuming the position of District Director to review the duties of the position contained in the NAWJ Board of Directors Manual, and to particularly note the commitment to (1) participate in the monthly conferences calls, (2) attend the Midyear and Annual Board of Directors Meetings, and (3) to participate by a mode of communication which enables simultaneous audio exchanges if an irreconcilable conflict or emergency prevents in person attendance at a Midyear or Annual Board Meeting.

To assist the Directors in fulfilling their responsibilities throughout their respective districts, and to establish and maintain close communication within the District as to the issues being addressed by the NAWJ organization, District Directors may annually select a NAWJ member in each state within their District to serve as a State Chair. District Directors shall assign specific tasks to the State Chairs, and shall be advised of and authorize NAWJ activities and events undertaken by the State Chairs. State Chairs shall not assume the voting rights of the District Director.

AMEND the existing paragraph under Section 6 to read:

A District Director who is unable to attend a Midyear or Annual Board of Directors meeting for which a quorum is required due to an irreconcilable conflict or emergency situation, and further is unable to participate by a mode of communication which enables simultaneous audio exchanges in a Board of Directors meeting, has the authority to designate in writing a member of the district or a current Board member as a proxy. The document bearing the name of the proxy shall be transmitted to the President prior to the commencement of the meeting (or prior to the substitution of the proxy during a meeting.) If the proxy is a current Board member, the proxy shall assume all voting rights of the District Director for the duration of the meeting. If the proxy is not a current Board member, the proxy shall be encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions, but shall not assume the District Director's voting rights.

NAWJ Leads Affiliate Organizations with Resolution to
Diversify Trial Court Appoints

The NAWJ Executive and Resolutions Committees has approved the following resolution, which shall be presented for a vote at the Annual Business Meeting on October 8, 2016 in Seattle. In the wake of the Board drafting and approving this language, the following national voluntary bar and judicial organizations have approved our resolution within their respective organizations: The American Association for Justice, The Defense Research Institute, The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys, the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Conference of Chief Justices. The following organizations are considering this resolution within their organizations: The National Bar Association, The American Board of Trial Advocates, and the American Bar Association, Judicial Division.


Whereas, in exercising discretionary judicial authority to appoint lawyers to various positions (e.g., lead counsel for plaintiff classes; special masters; receivers; trustees; hearing officers; referees; mediators and arbitrators; guardians; and counsel for indigent defendants), trial courts have not appointed women lawyers, minority lawyers and lawyers in small law firms to such positions in numbers commensurate with their representation in the legal profession;

Whereas, there are ample numbers of such diverse lawyers who are experienced and highly qualified for appointments by trial courts;

Whereas, the justice system as a whole has become increasingly diverse, including diverse judges, juries and litigants;

Whereas, research establishes that diversity enhances creativity and innovation, and leads to better decision-making and problem solving;

Whereas, a fundamental underlying goal of the justice system is to provide equal treatment and opportunity for everyone; and

Whereas, litigants and the justice system as a whole benefit from greater diversity in trial court appointments;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that, in exercising their appointment powers, our trial courts, both federal and state, should be mindful of the importance of diversity and should make appointments that are consistent with the diversity of our society and the justice system.

NAWJ Board, District, and Committee Business Reports

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Seattle. If you are unable to attend, or are attending, and would like to read or download NAWJ Board, District, and Committee reports prior to or after the event, they are posted on our website here.

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Calendar of Programs and Events
NAWJ 37th Annual Conference will take place in Seattle, Washington from October 5-9, 2016 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.

MentorJet at the University of Michigan Law School on October 6. Contact District Director Judge Michelle Rick to volunteer:

Faces of Justice, a first event in Michigan for approximately 60 social studies students from Lansing schools. .  NAWJ will partner with the Michigan State Bar and the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Bridgette McCormack, in particular.  Location: Hall of Justice in Lansing, Michigan. Contact District Director Judge Michelle Rick for more information:

Happy Hour for the Balance of Power. Guest speakers: Judge Kevin Emas, Florida Court of Appeal, Third District; Justice Barbara Pariente, Florida Supreme Court; and Judge Sarah Zabel, Florida's 11th Judicial Circuit. October 25, 6:00-8:30 pm at Novecento, Miami, Florida. Free for judges. RSVP to Victoria Pajaujis at

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges host Breakfast MeetUp with NAWJto share the benefits of NAWJ membership with the larger Bankruptcy Judicial Corps on October 27 at 7:30 am at the Cavalier Restaurant in Hotel Zetta in San Francisco. RSVP to or (612) 664-5280.

MentorJetat the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School on November 3 at the Lansing campus. Contact District Director Judge Michelle Rick to volunteer:

MentorJet at the Michigan State University Law School on November 15. Contact District Director Judge Michelle Rick to volunteer:

Branching Out, a career networking event for people interested in working in government, will be sponsored by NAWJ and the Women's Bar Association on November 16, 2016 at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston.

NAWJ 38th Annual Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia from October 11-15, 2017 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

NAWJ 39th Annual Conference will take place in San Antonio, Texas from October 3-7, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk.

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