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#WeToo in the Legal Workplace

NAWJ’s #WeToo in the Legal Workplace program educates judges and other legal professionals on sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. Programs inform participants of the recent study conducted by the ABA’s Commission of Women with necessary tools needed for legal organizations and victims of harassment and bullying; policies to prohibit this behavior as well as discipline for that behavior; resources available for sex-based harassment; and how to develop and enforce new policies. Lawyers, judicial staff, and EEOC representatives experienced in these issues provide a summary snapshot of the types of misconduct encountered in law firms and in courthouses; existing principles for anti-harassment training; the complaint process; and judicial ethics and discipline considerations.

Among NAWJ’s education strategies, the program convenes state legislators and legislative women’s caucus leaders with lawyers and attorneys expert in employment law and the workplace. Legislators share and update participants on ‘landmark’ legislation as well as the status of any recent efforts to curb sexual harassment in the legislature and in the courts. Participating employment attorneys share important elements of current employment laws protecting women and others at the workplace against sexual harassment.

Programs will be conducted for national and state and local audiences, including NAWJ’s annual meeting with the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues on Capitol Hill, NAWJ’s Annual Conferences, and local events in any state of NAWJ’s 14 Districts. 

#WETOO 2019: An Exploration of Sexual Harassment by Renee N. G. Stackhouse

VIDEO- July 18, 2018: 13th Annual NAWJ Meeting with the Congressional Women’s Caucus: Exploring How to Ensure Women Can Thrive in Healthy Work Environments, Free of Sexual Harassment and Intimidation


NAWJ President Honorable Tanya R. Kennedy,
New York State Supreme Court, New York County

Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Indiana, District 5
Congresswoman Lois Frankel, Florida, District 23
Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Michigan, District 12
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas, District 18

Nicole Austin-Hillery, Esq., Executive Director, U.S. Program, Human Rights Watch Panelists:
Chai R. Feldblum, Commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Susan E. Huhta, Esq., Partner, Outten & Golden LLP
Sadina Montani, Esq., Shareholder, Vedder Price’s Labor & Employment Practice
David J. Sachar, J.D., Executive Director, Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission

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