District 14

California, Nevada

District Director

Hon. Victoria Kolakowski


Alameda County Superior Court

Hayward, CA

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District Events

February 27, 2022 at 1:00 PM PST - Empowering Our Voices: Perspectives from Afghan Women Judges (NAWJ Co-Sponsored webinar)

State Chairs

CALIFORNIA (San Diego County)

Hon. Randa Trapp  
San Diego County Superior Court
P.O. Box 792
Carlsbad, CA 92018

CALIFORNIA (Orange County)

Hon. Jamoa Moberly 
700 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701

CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles County)

Hon. Laura Seigle
Los Angeles County Superior Court 
Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Hon. Patricia Lynch 
Reno Justice Court (Retired)


Proudly representing women judges across California and Nevada. 

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