Landmark Partnership Program

About the Landmark Partnership Program

  • Launched in 2005, the highly successful NAWJ Landmark Partnership Program allows organizations, firms, and individuals to make a vital three-year commitment to NAWJ at levels ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, providing critically needed support for NAWJ events and programs.
  • $3,000 of each gift of $20,000 or more ($1,000 in each year of the three-year commitment) is earmarked for NAWJ Access to Justice Scholarships, awarded in the name of NAWJ, and the Partner firm, at its option, to law students who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to diversity and equality in the system of justice.
  • Landmark Partners have been the opportunity to appoint one, or in some cases, two senior litigators or corresponding individual(s) to serve on the NAWJ Resource Board, a longstanding and essential advisory arm of NAWJ.  Resource Board members automatically become members of the Association and are provided with ongoing opportunities to formally meet with NAWJ's Board of Directors at both the Midyear and Annual Conferences, and, on a more informal basis, to provide ongoing operational advice and substantive assistance to judicial members in the initiation and implementation of NAWJ's national and regional judicial education programs and other projects.
  • In addition to participation on the Resource Board, Landmark Partners are prominently recognized in all of the materials and publicity surrounding the Campaign, as well as on the:
    • NAWJ Web site,
    • NAWJ’s Monthly Update electronic newsletter, sent to all judges and other members
    • NAWJ’s Counterbalance Newsletter, mailed to all members
  • Landmark Partners are highlighted and afforded maximum visibility at NAWJ events held across the country, and are permanently recognized in the organization's National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • As an NAWJ Landmark Partner, your representative(s) will participate large and diverse gatherings of members of the judicial, academic, legal, and (sometimes) political communities. As a non-profit membership organization, our members come to NAWJ to learn, share information, and network with their peers.
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