NAWJ Discussion: Pride & Pronouns

Jul 20, 2022 @ 3:15PM - Jul 20, 2022 @ 4:15PM

July 20, 2022
3:15 PM EDT / 2:15 PM CDT / 1:15 PM MDT / 12:15 PM PDT


Pride & Pronouns:
Understanding & Addressing Gender Identity in the Courtroom and Beyond

Hosted by the NAWJ LGBTQ+ Committee, this program will help judges understand and address issues related to gender identity that may arise in the courtroom. Panelists will bring you up to speed on current understanding of gender identities and pronouns, explain why it’s important to use appropriate pronouns, and provide tips on best practices related to gender identity issues. Dialogue is welcome as the panel discusses whether and how judges should invite litigants to identify their pronouns, how to address individuals whose gender identity is unknown, what to do if an attorney or party deliberately misgenders someone in the courtroom, and more.

Click here for the written materials for the program, including articles, case law, and other resources.

Click here for Tristan Higgins's PowerPoint slides from the July 20 presentation.






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