NAWJ Monthly Update June 2015

Written by National Association of Women Judges|June 01, 2015|Monthly Update Archive

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June 2015

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On the first day of summer, as I exchanged emails and engaged in committee calls involving our upcoming meetings and conferences, I was once again reminded of what makes NAWJ so vibrant and vital: the commitment and passion of our members, staff, and invited speakers to move forward our mission driven goals. In the coming year we will gather for the Congressional Women Caucus Luncheon focusing on incarcerated women, at our NAWJ Annual Conference in Salt Lake City surrounded by gorgeous mountains this October, and for the spectacular IAWJ Biennial conference set in our nation's capital next May. We understand the importance of and value the opportunity to gather to be inspired by our dynamic keynote speakers, to learn from the wide range of educational programming, and to get to know one another as colleagues, committee members with whom we share a passionate interest, and as valued friends from different backgrounds. The relationships we form over time both enrich our lives and broaden our perspectives at these extraordinary conferences. These 'take-aways' are further enhanced by meeting in locations all over the country, with social activities in coveted venues, such as the U.S Supreme Court, and enjoying the cultural activities and offerings indigenous to the chosen locale.

Much of the work of NAWJ is done long distance - through emails, regularly scheduled and quickly set conference calls, district events and meetings, and the occasional 'meet up' at related events, such as the Commission on Women at the ABA meetings. It is very apparent over my years of attending that our conferences not only inspire and motivate, but also foster an esprit de corps and a pride in the impact NAWJ has as an organization. Our conferences are a call to action to further our mission objectives of protecting the rights of individuals under the rule of law, a commitment especially critical to those vulnerable populations and historically disfavored groups who need our voice, and to do so through advancing women and endorsing diverse judicial leadership; to ensuring access to the courts for all; and to creating and maintaining fairness and equality throughout our justice system.

The collegiality, exchange of ideas through formal and informal conversations, and the collective energy cannot be duplicated or nourished at the same level without assembling at these annual gatherings. Recognition of the intangibles that flow from being a full participant in these conferences, as well as such participation being critical to the continued impact of the NAWJ voice, is what sets us apart from many other organizations who have defaulted to an a la carte system