Salute to Our Vietnam War Veterans

Written by National Association of Women Judges|March 28, 2022|News


On the occasion of Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29, NAWJ salutes our Vietnam Veterans and their spouses, and pays special tribute to them for their sacrifice for our country. It was on March 29 that the last U.S. Combat Troops departed Vietnam.  Our nation lost a great many in that controversial war. For those who lost their lives, we remember and honor them. For those who survived, like my husband, Captain Robert E. White, USN (ret.), they are haunted by what they saw there, and by the scores of protesters who taunted them on their return. They did not come home to a hero’s welcome. Although many years have passed, and we face new horrors abroad, NAWJ  acknowledges and honors our Vietnam Veterans on this day.

Judge Elizabeth White (ret.)
President NAWJ

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