NAWJ Human Trafficking Committee Update

Written by National Association of Women Judges|July 31, 2023|News

NAWJ Human Trafficking Committee had the opportunity to view for the first time an important judicial training/educational video addressing human trafficking issues recently compiled and produced by Committee Co-Chair D.A. Summer Stephan and her wonderful staff. The video provides vantage points from a variety of judges, victims and survivors, public defender, prosecutor, probation, and others interested in learning more about human trafficking issues. NAWJ President Judge Toni Clarke presented the introduction on the video with the following message:

          “As President of NAWJ, it’s my honor to welcome you to this training on human trafficking for judges. This training is aligned with the mission of NAWJ to preserve judicial independence and ensure equal justice for women and vulnerable populations, along with the adoption of human trafficking as our worldwide priority issue. The goal of this training is to provide Judges handling a variety of cases that come before them the ability to detect the potential that the case and person or persons before them intersect with human trafficking and exploitation. In under 40 minutes, this training aims to expand your ability to see human trafficking victims hiding in plain sight-both in the world and the cases that come before you. The International Labor Organization estimates human trafficking is a $150 billion global industry. The 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report from the U.S. Department of State focused on what it termed “grave and urgent concern, including the inequitable impact of human trafficking on vulnerable and marginalized populations… a unifying theme emerges- human trafficking affects us all.” While persons victimized in human trafficking may appear in a criminal or civil trial, they more commonly fly under the radar in immigration, family law, domestic violence, and other types of indirect cases. Thank you for taking the time to enhance your knowledge in this crucial area of justice for all.”

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