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(Left-Right: Hon. Heidi Pasichow, Hon. Jennifer Long, Hon. Anita Josey-Herring, Hon. Patricia Broderick.)

On April 21 NAWJ joined White & Case LLP law firm as it hosted their fourth bi-annual Color of Justice program for middle school students from the Washington School for Girls, whose mission is to broaden the educational opportunities for girls from economically disadvantaged communities. The school is located in the Anacostia neighborhood of the District of Columbia.

Local NAWJ judges organized themselves across two panels: ‘View from the Bench’ which consisted of Judge Heidi M. Pasichow, Judge Anita Josey-Herring, Judge Patricia A. Broderick from the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, and Administrative Law Judge Jennifer M. Long from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; andRole of the Judge’ which included members Administrative Law Judge Margaret (Peg) A. Mangan, District of Columbia Office of Administrative Hearings, U.S. Administrative Law Judge, J.E. Sullivan, U.S. Department of Transportation, Administrative Judge Mary E. Henry, Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (Retired), and Administrative Patent Judge Erica A. Franklin, Patent Trial and Appeal Board – USPTO.

NAWJ members described life experiences that propelled them into their judicial positions, the challenges of their jobs, and the women who inspired them. The astute young ladies from the Washington School of Girls shared with the judges how they were able to relate to them in many ways, asking bold questions about life and the law. The judges gave answers of inspiration and empowerment, articulating the importance of knowing who you is, being unafraid to speak up. They encouraged the young ladies to find their voice and use it in a way that was unique to them. Judge Pasichow closed with these parting words, "Our mothers and grandmothers have paved the way as well the leaders who came before us, so as we pass the torch to you, please make sure to carry it on."

Students then broke for a Trivia Lunch with attorneys and other legal professionals from White & Case to team in competition for prizes won from knowledge of law and government.

After Trivia winners were announced, students rotated amongst the professionals to gain perspectives from the diversity of the attorneys and legal professionals present at the firm.

(Seventh and eighth graders from the Washington School for Girls.)

White & Case Counsel Sonia Murphy, Associate Trisha Grant, and Associate Sadie Gardner, then led the young students through their popular and always well received Empowerment Workshop.

The day’s Color of Justice Program was organized by White & Case Associate Ting-Ting Kao, with a special welcome from NAWJ District Director Judge Heidi M. Pasichow, and Kristina Zissis, White & Case Counsel.

White & Case LLP is a longtime Landmark Sponsor of the National Association of Women Judges. The firm frequently partners with NAWJ to assure NAWJ has sufficient resources to execute its mission and strategic plan, develop bonds of mutual support and respect between and among Resource Board members and other NAWJ members, and promote the professional advancement and elevation of women from both the bench and bar.


NAWJ History

Since its formation in 1979, NAWJ has served as a leading voice for jurists dedicated to promoting the judicial role in protecting the rights of individuals under the rule of law; engaging in civic education about the importance of a fair judiciary free from influence of special interest or political influence; providing a voice in significant matters that affect the administration of justice; ensuring equal justice and access to the courts for all, with a focus on women, minorities, and other historically disfavored groups and vulnerable populations; promoting the advancement of women at all levels of the judiciary; and providing judicial education on cutting-edge issues. NAWJ was founded over 38 years ago by two visionaries – Justice Joan Dempsey Klein and Justice Vaino Spencer – and 100 brave and intrepid women judges committed to forming an organization dedicated to these ideals.

NAWJ Membership

From the day it was founded, NAWJ has been committed to diversity in our membership. Our organization welcomes women and men, trial and appellate, administrative, tribal and military judges, on federal, state and tribal courts at every level of the judiciary, throughout the country, and international tribunals, as well as attorneys, law clerks, law students and professors committed to our mission.


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