State Justice Institute Awards NAWJ a $25,000 Technical Assistance Grant

Written by National Association of Women Judges|July 22, 2020|News

The National Association of Women Judges received a $25,000 technology grant on July 1, 2020 from the State Justice Institute. The grant is for technical assistance to sji.jpgsupport NAWJ in providing judges, and other legal professionals who direct the nation’s state and local courts, with assistance to uncover and address issues affecting access to justice that have arisen under the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal of the project, “Courts on the Front Line: Providing Access to Justice While Protecting Health During a Pandemic”, is to expand NAWJ’s technology capabilities to conduct webinars, produce podcasts and make use of other media platforms in order to target acute and long-term reforms that affect a variety of court disciplines, justice entities, vulnerable parties and litigants, including barriers and challenges to administering justice in our members’ courts. Money will be allocated to activities in pursuit of the abovementioned goals.

NAWJ President, the Honorable Bernadette D’Souza stated “I am excited to advance NAWJ’s growth in the progressive use of technology towards carrying out NAWJ’s mission. The grant affords NAWJ opportunities to assist members in adapting their court operations during these challenging times. It is my hope that with the knowledge we gain, we will implement innovative and creative ways for access to justice.”

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