JAMS Foundation Supporting Afghan Women Judges and NAWJ/NJC Course

Written by National Association of Women Judges|June 05, 2023|News

Hon. Elizabeth White is pleased to report that the JAMS Foundation has agreed to provide the Afghan Women Judges emergency relief funds up to $125,000. Application forms have been developed along with informational material, and with the assistance of the NAWJ mentors, Afghan women Judges may apply for funds for critical emergency needs such as housing, food and medical expenses.

white_3.jpgNAWJ partnered with the National Judicial College in an Environmental Law Course which was presented in Monterey May 8-11. A unique field trip to view the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute allowed us to experience the creatures of the deep ocean floor and hear about efforts to gauge climate change through the use of sophisticated buoys which measure the effects of climate change. nawj-njc-course.pngWe were also treated to a cruise by electric catamaran through the Elkhorn Slough to see the sea otter population which is now thriving despite the recent risk of extinction. Top notch faculty in environmental law gave us insight into this rapidly evolving and important field.

NJC hopes to make this an annual NAWJ/NJC course. More information will be available on next year’s course within the next few months.

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