Hon. Tamila Ipema Part of Panel at the United Nations

Written by National Association of Women Judges|May 04, 2021|News

ipema.pngIn March, San Diego Superior Court Judge Tamila Ipema joined an esteemed virtual panel at the United Nations to address dire issues unique to single parents in the Pandemic.  The Panel, hosted by Sally Kader, President and Founder of The International Federation for Peace and Sustainable Development, was part of the annual Commission on the Status of Women.  This year marked the 65th event, and is annually hosted at the United Nations where international government leaders and dignitaries, Non-Governmental Organizations and their leaders, and other attendees all convene to discuss the current and future needs of women and children throughout the world.  Mrs. Kader aptly guided Judge Ipema through her inquiry on the biggest issues facing women in the civil harassment and unlawful detainer courts over the past year.  Judge Ipema has a front row seat to the exact consequences, as she had picked up the reigns early on when the San Diego Superior Court reopened to hear lengthy calendars overset with mainly self-represented litigants seeking relief.  This is her work day to day, and it is never easy.  Judge Ipema has witnessed poverty and equally bad options facing single parents who have had to choose between staying home with young children to help them through online schooling, or staying at low-paying jobs in the service industry to meet basic bills.  California, like many States, has had a moratorium on evictions, and Judge Ipema explained how landlords were using the civil harassment arena to seek to evict women and children who fell behind on rent.  This discussion was invaluable to the many who listened, and helped bring a greater understanding of the critical needs facing many in communities throughout the world and in our own communities. 

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