District 6 News - July 2021

Written by National Association of Women Judges|June 28, 2021|News

judge-allegra-walker.jpgdr-katherine-brown.jpgOn April 16, 2021, the NAWJ Color of Justice Program, in conjunction with the Katherine Y. Brown Academy hosted a three (3) day youth awareness, empowerment and prevention conference which was attended by over 125 students.  The KYB Academy which is an international academy was the perfect fit for this collaboration because of its wide reach of participants who are already heavily engaged in social and civic topics that affect our communities.   In fact, membership into the academy is offered to students from middle school through college.  They seek to advance purpose and scholastic opportunity by education student on civic and social responsibility.   Conference topics, such as were sex trafficking, teen dating violence, sex abuse and sexual assault were discussed in a panel style forum.  Speakers were not only local women judges of color, but law enforcement officers, professional therapists, and victim advocates. This event was highly successful as it addressed important issues in the community as well as giving the students direct access to the bureau of speakers.  Primary coordinators for the event were Dr. Katherine Brown (right) and Judge Allegra Walker (left).

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