Hon. Tamila E. Ipema Testimonial

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I love NAWJ! The NAWJ members that I have met in the past ten years are my dearest friends and I love them just like my own family members. Every time I attend a mid-year or annual conference, it is like homecoming and I look forward to seeing the extraordinary friends I have met over the years and reconnect with them, learn from them, do success-modeling, and grow. Where else would you ever be able to meet a group of incredible women and men, who are vetted and handpicked by one or more judicial selection committee(s), are intelligent, ethical, highly accomplished, kind, have the utmost integrity, who care deeply about the justice system, and make long-lasting friendships with them?

We all want to be aligned with like-minded people that share our beliefs and passion about justice and rule of law; and we want to learn from each other and join hands to help our community. We all believe in the NAWJ mission of “Equal Access to Justice for All”. The membership in NAWJ and our shared passion strengthens the beliefs that we all already hold. By being part of NAWJ, I find that that I am taking bigger steps and challenging myself in a way that I probably would have never done on my own. There is strength in numbers and together we can make a huge difference in our justice system, in our community, and in the world.

Getting involved in NAWJ as a member of the Executive Board and serving on its many committees has given me valuable leadership skills. I have learned a great deal about the issues that are important to our justice system nationally and we have worked collectively to bring about change. This has also encouraged me to take steps to provide access to justice in my own community. I have taken advantage of bringing many of the NAWJ programs to San Diego to help my community grow. This was so easy for me to do since another brilliant NAWJ member across the nation had already created an incredible program like “color of Justice” or “mentor jet”, etc., and tested it with great success. So, all I had to do was to get the kit for this already- successful program from the website and tweak it to meet the needs of my district and run with it. Thanks to NAWJ, I am known in my community as someone who is deeply involved and passionate about helping her community grow. Serving NAWJ has put me in a positive light in my community and nationwide. I have also brought my other NAWJ sisters and brothers in San Diego closer together and they have all joined hands with me to help our community. The bond we share is the strongest! And, together we are making a difference while forming the most beautiful friendships.

Thank you NAWJ for all the education, for giving me the tools to succeed in helping my community, and for all the wonderful friendships I have made over the years!!!

Please get involved in NAWJ and join hands with us to provide equal access to justice for all!

Hon. Tamila E. Ipema
NAWJ President 2018-2019

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