NAWJ Webinar: Improving the Courts' Responses to Neurodiverse Persons

Jul 11, 2023 @ 3:00PM - Jul 11, 2023 @ 4:15PM

July 11, 2023
3:00 PM EDT / 2:00 PM CDT / 1:00 PM MDT / 12:00 PM PDT


Improving the Courts' Responses to Neurodiverse Persons

Led by Martha L. Rogers, PhD, this webinar will inform our audience how to identify or become aware of populations who are neurodivergent, and to understand what needs they may have for accommodation while participating in courtroom proceedings. Through the pre-webinar survey, we will be informed of real life examples, how any issues of accommodation were handled or what can be done to improve the response in the future.

Learning objectives include:

1. We will briefly survey some of the populations often described as ‘neurodiverse’ who have particular needs for accommodation when testifying. They may be children or adults and include victims or plaintiffs, witnesses, or defendants.

2. We will provide perspectives of the NAWJ on these issues, including examples of critical incidents provided by the membership in a recent survey.

3. We will recommend steps that can be taken to facilitate their participation in court proceedings.

4. We will provide resources for learning more about these populations.




Martha L. Rogers, PhD has spent most of her career in the southern California area, after having been an Air Force psychologist – the second female ever commissioned in that role [1976-1978]. Dr. Rogers was also the first female psychologist ever placed on the Panel of Expert Witnesses in Orange County, California [1983 to the present]. She currently serves on the adult criminal and the juvenile [criminal and dependency] panels. She lives in Anaheim, CA with her wife, Jetty, and their two cats, Dakota and Luca.


Moderated by Renee Stackhouse, a trial lawyer focusing on military defense and plaintiff's personal injury. Click here to read Ms. Stackhouse's full bio.


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