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The Bankruptcy Card and How to Play It

The purpose of this Guide, developed by Bankruptcy Judge Sarah Sharer Curley of the United States District Court in Arizona, is to provide a means for you easily to access information about your areas of concern. This Guide will refer to web-sites that you may access from the convenience of your home or office with no additional charge to your court, or it will refer to statutes or case law that you may access through LexisNexis. If you have a computer and internet access, you are ready to start. To save you time, the Guide has a table of contents, which will allow you to point and click on an area or areas that you wish to explore, and immediately go to your selection. There are many wonderful treatises in the bankruptcy area if you wish a thorough analysis of an area. A few of these treatises are accessible through LexisNexis; others may need to be obtained through your court library, or by joining the organization which publishes the book. This Guide does not supplant these treatises; it has a different purpose.

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